Update #1 — Bitcoin Mining and Summer Planning

Good morning, This is the first of a series of updates I will be posting to track my progression through the coming years. This will be a sort of time capsule that I can revisit at any time. I am not editing these updates so the writing may be messy at times. I also do not have a planned release schedule. I will post whenever I feel something worth posting about has happened.

Part 1 — Bitcoin Mining: I have been trying out bitcoin mining using my GPU (RTX 3060 ti) and CPU (Ryzen 7 3700X). I have been running it during school or anytime I am already on my computer but not gaming or doing anything else GPU intensive. So far I have made $15.

Part 2 — Minecraft: During the past few weeks I have been getting back into Minecraft. I have been spending a lot of my time playing on Hypixel (mostly bedwars). I have also had a lot of fun playing manhunt and building castles on an SMP.

Part 3 — Summer planning: I want to expand my programming and entrepreneurship knowledge and try to learn as much as I can over this summer. I am hoping to find some sort of internship or job where I can do something with programming or tech. I have not found anything online looking on sites like Indeed. Most of the job postings in programming ask for people actively perusing a college degree. I am planning on sending out some emails and seeing if I know anyone who might have some ideas.